Story | Rubiking

480px-Rubik's_cube.svgI fiddled with the rubik’s cube thinking about what moves to do. (RUR’R) RU2R’U? Josh sat on the other side with the 4 x 4 and Rawiri with the 3 x 3. The cubes kept us entertained to the city. When we arrived it was overcast …with people. We started the walk up Queen Street and towards the Aotea Centre. When we arrived we waited for the doors to open. Other schools started to pour in. The doors opened and we walked into a huge auditorium with a bag on nearly every seat. They were like our goody bags; a book, pen, notebook, pamphlets and a pencil case. We sat and the seminars started going from Cornelia Funke to Des Hunt then from the Etherinton Brothers to Paula Green. It was all very interesting. I got my poster signed by Paula. Then we walked back down Queen Street to return. We did rubiking on the way back too. When we arrived it was pouring. Then it stopped. It was a great day.