Writers’ festival by Bethany

I had a thrilling experience listening to amazing and unique authors tell and show us all about what writing & poetry truly mean. Here is how it began…

Aotea_Centre_Off_Aotea_Square,_AucklandMe and my sister, India arrived at the train station ready to burst with excitement, we discussed our plans and waved goodbye to our parents in a flourish. Whisked onto the train, we drove swiftly to Queen street, where we set out on a brisk stride all the way to the Aotea Centre, taking photos on the way. With relief we were informed that we had arrived first. Yes! That meant we could pick good seats. Taking our seats, I found there was a blue bag on each and every seat, containing :A unique novel for each student, a pen, a notebook, and a couple of fliers. My book was written by one of my favourite authors: Margaret Mahy! It was called “The 100 ride bus ticket”. Lovely.

A host addressed us, and the show begun. Here are what the authors were like: Cornelia Funke-Amusing, dragon lover, and a
fantasy writer.She read us a sample of the 2nd book in her new series “Mirror World” and she showed us her app about Mirror World. Des Hunt-Science fiction, amusing, science freak!!!, and he told us NOT to read his terrible 1st book “The last Tuatara”.

The Ethrington brothers-HILARIOUS!!!,energetic, immature, and not afraid to take a risk!!! Paula Green- Poetic, exquisite, and formative. She created a poem using words from the crowd then promised to put it on
her website!

After the show we retraced our steps and rode smoothly on the train back to the train station, welcomed by our waiting parents.
Written by Bethany O’Halloran