mobileEducation regulations state that no child shall be absent from school without good reason.

Therefore, a note, signed by a parent, stating reasons for a child’s absence should be sent to school as soon as possible.

The school must be notified of your child’s absence for the day either by notifying the teacher in writing beforehand or ring (Ph: 298 5410)and leave a message on the school answer phone.

Alternatively you can email the school office or use Skool Loop app if you have this downloaded on your phone.  Please see the office for further details of this application.

If the school is unsure about your child’s absence you will receive a phone call.

If you are planning a holiday during school term we require you to request permission for the time off school in writing,  from the Principal.

It is sometimes necessary for parents to take children from school during school hours. Best practice is to notify the school office at least an hour before coming to pick up your child.  Children must be signed out at reception before leaving school.

Please consider the following points:

* Often a programme can be affected because of a child’s absence or the absence of a number of children.

* Frequent absences can cause the child to become anxious as they find it difficult to keep up with class work

Skool loop is a free app, available from the Play Store on your phone. One of the main functions is the ability to log an absence from your mobile, either by email or text.

Please see the office if you need help with this communication tool.