Defibrillator onsite

Prescribed Medicine:
Parents: If pupils need to take any form of medical prescription during the day, please call at the school office to sign a form or download the Medication form here. No medicine is to be taken to classrooms or left in school bags, as this could present a danger to other children. It is the child’s responsibility to come to the office for the administration of the medication.

Common Diseases: Recommended period for staying home from School

Measles Until the rash has gone
Chickenpox When the last spot has scabbed over.
Mumps Until all swelling has subsided and patient restored to normal.
Scabies 2 days after treatment
Ringworm Nil if under treatment
School Sores Nil if under treatment
Head Lice Nil if under treatment (It is parent’s responsibility to check children’s hair and treat if necessary)

Doctor’s advice should be sought in all these matters.

Year 7 Injections: The Health Nurse completes a number of vaccinations during the year. Parents are fully informed and consent obtained.

First Aid: Should a child suffer an accident at school, he/she will be attended to, and if it is felt that a Doctor’s advice is necessary, the parents will be contacted immediately. It is expected that the school will be notified of any change in home address, phone number, work/contact phone number.

Dental Clinic: The Dental service is shared between local schools. Contact phone numbers for them are 299 8112 or 0800825583. Our local hub for appointments is based at Kereru Park School on Beach Road, Papakura.