Lunch Room

The School Lunchroom operates each Tuesday and Friday on a rostered parent help system. Lunches available on these days must be ordered in each room before 8.25 am. Please contact the school office if you have time to help with the lunchroom duties.



We seek to follow the  ‘Healthy Eating’ guidelines promoted by the Ministry of Education which includes no fizzy or energy drinks at school. If these are brought to school they will be kept in the office until after school.

The menu below was updated Feb 2019.

Please note the prices are subject to change.


Savoury 1.50
Mince Pie 3.00
Sausage Roll 1.50
Pizza Stick 1.00
Cream Doughnut 1.50
Muffin Blueberry/Chocolate 1.50
Gingerbread man 1.20
Choc chip cookie (large) 1.50
Egg Sandwich 3.00
Ham or Chicken Sandwich 3.00
Chicken or Ham Filled Roll 3.50
Chicken or Ham Wrap 3.20
Small Quiche 3.00
Milk Choc/Banana/Strawberry 1.50
Juice Box 1.50
Orange/Apple .50


NOTE: Students are NOT allowed to leave school grounds at lunchtime