School Bus, Traffic and Parking

Photo of a disabled parking spaceŌpaheke School is a Travelwise school.

School Bus / Traffic: A school bus comes from the Ponga Road area arriving at School at 8.10 am. It departs in the afternoon at 2.30 pm. Children who normally travel on the bus must bring a note if, for some reason, they are not going to be travelling home on the bus.

  • Year 6 pupils act as Road Patrol Monitors on the pedestrian crossing in Ōpaheke Road and on Tasman Drive. A parent roster system assists with supervision. If you are able to assist with a rostered day once a month please contact the office on 09-2985410.
  • Parents teaching their children about correct / sensible traffic safety rules is appreciated.

Parking: Your co-operation is requested with regard to not parking in the following areas:

a. On school bus stop – Tasman Drive

b. Between orange safety cones outside school gates

c. The school parking area and driveway.

Please do not use the school entrances or driveways as a turning area because it is easy to miss seeing small children.

Bicycles at School: School policy is to not have bicycles at school. They are usually unnecessary as most children live within reasonable walking distances and safety factor is vital.