Getting off to a Good Start

Here are several ways of getting your child off to a good start in the classroom:

  • Knowing the alphabet is a good start for reading
  • Encourage a positive attitude and fondness for books by reading to your child often, talking about the stories and pictures as you go
  • Knowing the colours thoroughly and being able to count to ten, playing with shapes and jigsaws, ordering sizes and talking about larger, smaller, longer, shorter etc will assist mathematical ideas
  • Being able to express themselves clearly will be a thorough start for language. Encourage your child to stand still and think carefully when asking or telling you something. Teach them to listen well and to follow simple instructions accurately
  • Encourage sharing and consideration for others and for property
  • Always follow through with instructions or tasks, encouraging children to complete tasks fully
  • Try and make your child as independent as possible, let them take the responsibility of remembering to pack their homework bag, hanging up their bag on the hook and carrying their bag to and from school
  • Also, encourage children to pack up the area they have been working in and put things away tidily