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Interest Sites

Learnz Dinosaurs Goosebumps  Te Papa Museum
How Stuff Works I Know That! Seussville
What Now (TV on demand)What Now Website Alice In Wonderland for Kids


Current Events Sites


Junior School Links

Snakes and LaddersMaths game  Maths Games Rain Forest Maths Ferry Halim  Games  Sliding game Sliding scrambled pictures

Middle School Links

NZ History Information about Richard Pearse  The Official Website of Richard Pearse, Aviator and InventorRichard Pearse Official Website of Richard Pearse 5+ A Day Information about healthy eating  the queen the queen
tommy the clown krumping Re-Invent the Past: Famous Inventions Information about inventors and their inventions Official NZ Olympic Committee Profiles of athletes – NZ Olympic history Edheads Simple Machine Activities Identifying simple and compound machines
NZ History Information about Richard Pearse  
Rainforest Maths Maths Activities
Add and sub games under construction  Vikings Viking Activities.
Department of Conservation Information on NZ native animals.  
Dictionary Dictionary and Thesaurus on Line
Typing skills Typing skills Arithmetic Bubble Stage 5 addition puzzle
Addition to 10 fire at numbers that will add to make 10 Interactive Language Games Lots of interactive language games – lots of different levels. Franklin Zoo The Franklin Zoo site   Top 10 Inventions and Inventors of All Time Information about inventors and their inventions
NZ History Information about Richard Pearse  
Great Achievements Information about inventors and their inventions
 Kiwi Conservation Club Endangered NZ species New Zealand native land birds Endangered NZ species
Mathletics Mathletics Web Site For Room 5 Extreme Science – Extreme Animals Biggest Spider Jean Batten – Aviator Author Ian Mackersey – information about the Wright Brothers – Jean Batten and other famous aviators  Famous French Aviator – Louis Bleriot Wikipedia site – information re the famous aviator Louis Bleriot
Wright Brothers – Famous Aviators Wikipedia site – Information on Orville and Wilbur Wright Jean Batten – Famous Aviators Famous Aviators – fact sheet Alberto Santos-Dumont – Famous Aviator Wikipedia site – Information on Alberto Santos-Dumont  Charles Kingsford Smith – Famous Aviator Wikipedia site – Information on Charles Kingsford Smith
Hidden Picture recall basic facts to uncover a picture Surname Search Search of surname Birthdays on Wikipedia Information about how birthdays are celebrated in different countries.  Holi Wikipedia Information about how and wear Holi is celebrated.
Bonfire Night information about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night oi oy sound game diagraph games Maori funeral – Tangi information about tangi Hanukkah – on Wikipedia information about hanukkah and how it is celebrated.
ch, sh, wh, sounds digraph activities Weddings Informations about different types of weddings. Reading ComprehensionTwo passages with comprehension questions to answer on line Chinese LionStories about Chinese Lion Dancing
The Story of the Nativity Story of the First Christmas Maths GamesChoose maths games – levels can be set to provide correct challenge Robt Calculator Addition Practice Maths Games Variety of maths games.
Thesaurus Use to find word definitions and synonyms Language Games Selection of Activiities Musical number patterns Make some music by building up rhythms for chimes. Complete a counting rule that matches a pattern on a number line. School Canteen activity Buy supplies online for a school canteen. Purchase given amounts of items such as muffins or bread rolls
Bonfire Night Short story about being safe on bonfire night. Probability Game Calculate Card Probabilities Probability Spinners Trial Spinners Frog Exchange
NZ Frogs Information about nz frogs Explore the Sun Facts about the sun Fun Sun Facts For KidsInformation about the Sun Elvis Presley Facts/Biography
Freda Du Faur Info about Freda Aurora Australis Info on the Southern Lights Edmund Hillary Facts and Info about Edmund Hillary World War 1facts about world war one
Facts About the Sun for KidsInformation about the sun Day and Night explanation of why we have day and night Food and Nutrition Activity Sorting activity Healthy Eating Games Easy Healthy Eating Games
Monarch Butterflies Information a about the life cycle of monarch butterflies Chameleons information about how chameleons change colour Ant Life Cycle Information about ant life cycles Snakes How snakes grow and shed skin
Northpole Clubhouse christmas games (fun) student maths games TKI website with student links

Senior School Links

Statistics New Zealand Government Statistics about New Zealand
NZ HistorySite offering links, puzzles and information about NZ
ENZED Information and links about Nz Culture and history
NZ History Information about NZ’s colourful History
History World and NZ History
German Speaking Countries
TimeframesSocial Studies: historical photographs/images from National Library resources.
Maths For You A variety of maths tasks
NZ Maths Website
NZ History – Disasters Timeline of NZ disasters, links to information on NZ disasters.
Basic Facts Numeracy Hour – Basic Facts – addition, subtraction, division, multiplication machines
Basic Facts – Multiplication and Division facts
Basic facts
Basic Facts Select the multiplication times tables you are struggling with and practise.
Life in Dark Water A summary of some popular theories.
The Moon Animated activities for Planet Earth and Beyond
NZ History – Treaty of Waitangi A description of the Treaty in Brief, general overview to main ideas.
ANZAC Australian ANZAC site
aplusmaths maths website – help with basic facts, problem solving etc
Tribal Artifacts Jewellery – tribal jewellery and artifacts, inspiration for art making unit
Art Tribal adornments
Census At School

Statistics Website

Fractions Games Range of interactive fractions maths games, V.B
Waitangi Timeline Material
Waitangi Timeline
Maths is FUN Multiplication tests
Census At School Room 2 data
Science Fair Topic Ideas Take this quiz to help you decide in a topic!
Science Fair A great site full of possible science fair topics and ideas to explore.
SPELLING CITY A tool for learning to spell weekly spelling lists.
Anzac DayInformation about Anzac Day and Gallipoli
Earth, Sea, Sky – Natural disasters and hazards. New Zealand Encyclopedia Te Ara
The Anzac Landing at Gallipoli Visit Gallipoli/The Anzacs/Australia at war/WW1
Anzac Day: A Guide For New ZealandersLaunched on 18 April 2005 to mark the 90th anniversary of the Gallipol landings, this website includes information on the significance of Anzac Day, how it is commemorated today and a virtual guide to the Gallipoli peninsula featuring stunning interactive panoramas. It also includes searchable records of all New Zealanders who died at Gallipoli.
The Treaty of Waitangi A concise account of the Treaty of Waitangi and the events surrounding it
Maui Dolpin Meyer reading group information
Fractions Maths Games Maths games – fractions, higher levels
EcosystemsAntartica Ecosystems
Evolution PEARL
Amazon RainforestSAPPHIRE
Endangered speciesSILVER
Plants – ScienceRespiration
Plants – Science/revision and test
Everday Life In Bangladesh Year 7 and 8 Information for Retrieval Chart Activity
Bangladesh Basics Year 7 and 8 Information for Retrieval Chart Activity
Mathletics Mathletics Web Site For Room 2
Fractions Improper to mixed numbers
Ramanov Family Memorial Site
Room 2 Maths Digital learning objects
Improper Fractions improper fractions – mixed numbers
Equivalent Fractions Equivalent fractions gobble game
Multiplication Game Mult game
Maori Dictionary – ROOM 2 Maori dictionary – translate Maori to English
NZ Maori Haka NZ Maori Rugby Team Haka
Enrichment- Escher in Lego
Enrichment – More tesselations
Enrichment – Matchstick puzzles A variety of manipulative matchstick puzzles

Assessment Sites