Thursday – Please send your child to school with the money they need to order their lunch.  A small note with items and cost can help our younger ones.  At school a Lunch Monitor will come to their class and take their order 8-8:25am. **Please try to have the correct money or small notes**.

Friday – a Lunch Monitor will bring orders to their classroom for collection.  Food will be in a bag, drinks/fruit in the tray, with their name.  Make sure they understand to get both if needed.

If your child is away on Friday their lunch will be put into the freezer (if able to do so) and they can collect it on Monday.  Please see the office in the morning and someone will reheat it for them.

Please note: No Refunds can be given, prices are subject to change.

Mince Pie $5.00
Sausage Roll $2.50
Mini Savoury $2.00
Pizza Stick $2.00
Chicken Skewer $5.00
Chicken & Mayo Sandwich $5.50
Cream Donut $2.50
Choc Donut $2.00
Chocolate Muffin $2.50
Gingerbread Man $1.50
Milk – Banana $1.50
Milk – Chocolate $1.50
Milk – Strawberry $1.50
Juice Box $1.50
Apple $0.50


Nutritional Information:

School Lunches Ingredients List 2023