Junior School

A warm welcome to the Junior School!
We are all looking forward to getting to know your children and learning about them from you as well.

School starts at 8:25am. You can help your child settle into school by establishing a morning routine that will get them to school in time to hang up their bags, to bring in their book bag and to have a little time to play. School ends at 2.30pm.

We encourage children to be collected from their classroom during their first few weeks at school. After this, they are expected to enter/leave the class by themselves as we try to encourage them to follow set routines independently (e.g. independently putting their book bag away, collecting their school bags).

Things to bring everyday

  • A lunch box with easy to manage food. No yoghurt please.
  • A book bag (to be brought into the classroom each morning)
  • A school hat is required during Term One and Term Four
  • Shoes or sandals that your child can do up independently
  • A happy face!

Important things to let us know are:

  • Any health issues, problems, or worries that your child has
  • If they catch the school bus, it is important that we know which days they go so we can help them remember this routine
  • If there are any changes to your child’s regular pick up and drop off routine


Book Bags/Chair bags
New Entrant children need a chair bag. These bags are placed on the back of the child’s chair for their books and are used in Year One and Two. Most parents purchase these when they purchase their child’s stationery. Please help your child to remember their book bag every day. They cannot take a book home without their book bag. They will bring a reading book and communication notebook home from Monday to Thursday and a poetry book home on Friday. Please read and sign the notebook, so that we know that the books and notes are being read.

Clothing and Lunches
Please make sure everything your child brings to school, including clothing, is clearly named. During Term One and Term Four, the children must wear a school sun hat. These can be bought at the school office.

Each day your child needs a snack for the morning, a drink, preferably a bottle of water, and their lunch. It’s a good idea to point out to your child which food is the snack for morning tea and which is for lunch. This avoids them eating all their food too early. Make sure they can open and close their lunch box and school bag and can unwrap their food.

It is a good idea for your child to have a school bag that is large enough to accommodate their book bag and lunchbox.

As part of the physical education programme, during Term One, children will be swimming regularly. Children quickly establish water confidence and skills improve steadily through regular lessons which are aimed at each child’s individual ability level. Togs need to be in a named plastic bag. All clothes need to be clearly named, including their towel.

Money/Lunch Orders
We recommend money be placed in a named envelope with the order written on the outside.

We are always in need of paper, cardboard, newspapers (Herald size only), ice-cream containers and other plastic containers, (vegemite jars, yoghurt pots) trays and jars, cardboard boxes and rolls (not toilet rolls, egg cartons, or peanut butter jars), magazines, collage materials and dress-ups. So please think about us before recycling day.

We hope your child settles into school quickly, happily and with confidence. If you have any queries, problems or concerns please feel free to discuss them with your child’s teacher or the lead teacher.